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Richard DuPont’s Untitled #5, 2008.  (at Museum of Arts & Design (MAD))

Richard DuPont’s Untitled #5, 2008. (at Museum of Arts & Design (MAD))

Post Chinese New Year parade with @svenlenaerts. #latergram #nolita  #donthateonmystickers  (at Taïm Falafel and Smoothie Bar)

Post Chinese New Year parade with @svenlenaerts. #latergram #nolita #donthateonmystickers (at Taïm Falafel and Smoothie Bar)

Morning glory. #nyc #Manhattan

Morning glory. #nyc #Manhattan

#nyc #midtown #latergram.

#nyc #midtown #latergram.


—You Were Meant For Me


Jewel-”You Were Meant For Me”

Snow. #nyc #Manhattan

Snow. #nyc #Manhattan

Red Sun, White Sky.

Today I woke up and ray of light in the brightest shade of orange smacked the building across the street. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a redder shade of skylight. I woke up so spontaneously, too. Probably because I was scared that I would be late for my internship. It was my second day today. With all the early sun, who would have know a blizzard was on the way! (Well, okay, probably all those smart individuals that check for the weather, but I’m not one of those, so…)

When I woke up after falling alseep for another half an hour the snow had already started…I took this photo at work maybe 2 hours later…

You can’t tell for the shit quality of my phone camera, but there’s a ton of snow falling from that gray, gray sky. I think I like the city best like that, though. White-out, snowed in, under the rain, under a cloudy sky. All the lights look brighter and more golden under that light and everything looks like a picture, like the ones the street vendors sell to tourists in paper frames for five dollars. Walking to the subway away from 10th ave to go home the city looked like a group of ghost building flickering silently at me:

I wish I could always feel the way I feel after three glasses of wine.

Saw The Echo Friendly at a bar in Brooklyn a few nights ago. They were pretty good. I wish their music was more available online, though.  They had this tiny smoke machine that somehow managed to fog up the entire space, making everything really soft and sweet smelling. 

I always feel like I’m the youngest person in the bar when I go (which Is probably right because I’m only 21, but still.) I need to hit up Brooklyn more.